LABVOLUTION 2021, 04 - 06 May
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A new competition is being launched in connection with LABVOLUTION. As of the 2019 staging of LABVOLUTION, the LABVOLUTION AWARD will be given in recognition of real-world solutions implemented by lab operators to optimize their work. During LABVOLUTION (21–23 May 2019), high-caliber seminar and consultancy prizes worth a total of over €10,000 will be presented to the lucky winner.

LABVOLUTION Award Gewinner

Successful lab tech optimizations

Do you save a significant amount of energy when keeping your samples cool? Have you found the ideal cleaning solution for keeping laboratory glassware clean at all times? Are your interfaces perfectly suited for extracting new knowledge from large amounts of data?

Very good! The LABVOLUTION AWARD honors the best optimizations and innovations. The ceremony took place on the first day of the exhibition at the smart LAB.

Congratulations! Here are the winners:

1st place:

Forschungszentrum Jülich

2nd place:

Interlabor Belp

3rd place:


"The LABVOLUTION AWARD is not just about implementing an excellent solution; the solution must also have a proven track record of success. This enables us to create a platform for outstanding projects and to ensure that best-practice knowledge is shared."

Bernd Heinold, LABVOLUTION director at Deutsche Messe

These were the conditions of participation

What it's about:

The tagline spells it out: Excellence in Lab Optimization. The LABVOLUTION AWARD recognizes outstanding improvements that bring significant added value to laboratory work and processes.

These can be processes, procedures and methods as well as technologies, software, design or management techniques.

What’s important is that relevant improvements can be verified. And these improvements can relate to a wide range of different areas, including increased productivity, cost savings, speed, reliability, safety, material consumption and energy efficiency or even motivation and employee satisfaction.

What's important:

To determine the winner, the independent jury will evaluate entries based on the following criteria:

  • innovation and improvement
  • sustainable and effective implementation
  • added value for the lab.

Whether it is a large or a small solution is not decisive.

Who can apply:

The LABVOLUTION AWARD is aimed specifically at users from the laboratory sector, i.e. at laboratories, research groups, individuals or laboratory teams.

The ideas can also be small measures with a low resource input.

What you can win:

Prize will be awarded to the best lab optimization project in front of a live audience during LABVOLUTION (in Hannover, Germany) from 21 to 23 May 2019. The winner can look forward to high-quality seminars and consulting services worth over €10,000

  • 1st place: €10,000

The seminars and consulting will be provided by Geniu .

How the competition works:

The LABVOLUTION AWARD application phase will begin in November 2018. An independent expert jury will select the winner from all entries submitted. The application period expired on 15 April 2019.

First place will be announced at the smartLAB stand on the first day of the LABVOLUTION.

Who are the partners?

The organizers and partners of the LABVOLUTION AWARD are Geniu, LABORPRAXIS and Deutsche Messe.

Geniu is a consulting and training institution that specializes in laboratories. Geniu – from "the genius in you" – focuses on enabling laboratory managers and staff to achieve significant and sustained improvements in their laboratories. This is made possible by an innovative approach consisting of (online) training and practical consultancy services in the laboratory, an approach that has received recognition from the German Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy.

Topics cover the entire spectrum of challenges faced by today’s laboratory. Examples include "lean" in the laboratory, introducing performance indicators, the ideal design of laboratory layouts for new buildings and conversions ("lean lab design"), automation and digitalization, laboratory benchmarking, reducing lead times, optimizing documentation, reducing error rates, and introducing laboratory planning and capacity management systems.
For over 40 years the trade journal LABORPRAXIS has been informing readers about the latest developments and products in analytics, laboratory technology, biotechnology, genetic engineering and life sciences. Experts report on innovations in instrumental analytics and the latest trends in food analysis, water/environmental analysis and bioanalysis. In addition, the magazine covers topical issues such as laboratory safety and microfluidics as well as management articles geared to the laboratory target group. The English-language edition LAB Worldwide is aimed at industry users and decision-makers throughout the world.

Cross-media channels such as the trade journals LABORPRAXIS and LAB Worldwide, the online portals and , the newsletter eLABORPRAXIS and in-house events such as the Praxistag HPLC supply technical and managerial staff with useful content providing them with specific solutions for their day-to-day tasks.


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