This company has skillfully mastered the challenge of performing quick and high-precision measurements on microliter droplets of samples in 96-well format. The first thing that strikes you is the new DropSense96 model's brilliant turquoise design, which is guaranteed to draw glances in the laboratory. The DropSense96 performs spectral analysis of both visible (VIS) and UV light on droplets placed into a special micro test cell, which allows measurements of samples as small as 2 µl. This minute sampling comes into its own where only limited samples are available, as it leaves bigger reserves for further tests.

The device takes less than five minutes to read a full 96-well DropPlate, while special protection against evaporation avoids unnecessary sample depletion. If classic A260 and A280 absorbance spectra are recorded, the DropSense96 identifies influencing contaminants to reveal the true DNA / RNA or protein concentration. Thanks to its LIMS-compatible software, the device also makes it easy to import data and export results. The full range of measurements spans 230-750 nm. Its wide dynamic range from 5 to 10,000 ng/ul dsDNA banishes the need for tiresome extra dilution steps. What's more, the DropSense96 spectrophotometer has a wide variety of uses and can be operated either by hand or using a pipetter robot.