The DMi8 platform aims to provide an ideal solution for all user requirements - from basic microscopy all the way through to high-end imaging. Thanks to the modular and upgradable design, the Leica DMi8 portfolio covers everything from manual operation to fully automated systems that are capable of advanced imaging, thereby turning simple observation into interaction. "Life sciences are constantly evolving. At Leica Microsystems, we have created a unique platform that grows with researchers' needs. The Leica DMi8 tailor-made solutions make preconfigured microscopes a thing of the past," says Julian Burke, Chief Scientific Officer of Leica Microsystems.

According to Leica, "One fluorescence port is good, but two are better!" The DMi8 is therefore equipped with an additional access point for a second light source in case user requirements extend beyond standard imaging methods. Direct access to the infinite light path makes it possible to connect an additional light source for techniques such as FRAP, photo activation, laser ablation, laser tweezing and optogenetics.

The DMi8 platform is particularly impressive as a solution for live cell experiments. Combining easy handling with sophisticated analysis, the DMi8 and LAS X software really come into their own with living samples. The DMi8 incubation system takes excellent care of cells during imaging, while LAS X software controls all acquisition and environmental parameters. It also makes functions such as 3D image analysis or tracking and other experimental parameters easy to manage.